About Y.O.G.A.

Y.O.G.A. is about living “your own go ahead” — it’s about loving that you are a conscious and deliberate creator and running with it.

Taking the definition of “yoga” from Wikipedia, which references David Gordon White, my focus of yoga lies in the analysis of our “perception and cognition”, not so much on the physical practice of the poses that also holds an honorable place in our lives. But let’s shimmy away from the stodgy language of “analysis” and just rejoice in being able to shift our perception of any condition we are in.

Not many months ago, I discovered Abraham Hicks — the consciousness collective channeled by Esther Hicks. My husband absent-mindedly picked up “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks from a used book store. I tore through the pages, and their (law of attraction) messages clicked for me almost immediately. Amazing phenomena started to present themselves to me, and I instantly understood that the Law of Attraction was at play.

Today, I see how everything is interconnected, and I am excited to share my experiences here.

I have also recently discovered my Akashic records. I stumbled upon a website called “Freer Spirit” where the blogger writes of her own experiences. Her blog pointed me towards Linda Howe, who has written several books about the practice of reading one’s own Akashic Records.

Reading my own Akashic records is something I have begun doing to better understand the “Cyn” that I’m living in. :-) So, for a little while, anyway, you might see some of my research into my Akashic Records and what they have revealed for me.

I hope that you readers will feel free to comment or write me if you have experiences where you realize you are “in the vortex” and you wish to share and celebrate your joy!

Thank you for reading and happy Living!

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