Beautiful surprises… Venus shines!

This is a beautiful time of year in Switzerland. We have been particularly lucky this year, because the weather has really brought about some welcome sunshine! Because of this, I have also been able to enjoy many walks with my loved one, during which we sometimes walk in silence and other times in animated conversation about Energy, Law of Attraction and Collective Consciousness.

A couple days ago, I did a quick little Akashic Record exercise. I do this just to keep the lines of communication open, or my muscles stretched and flexible. I also do it to massage my time calendar which has a magnetic ability to fill up with all sorts of busy-ness.

I didn’t have much time, but I figured 15 to 30 minutes is better than nothing, and stepped right into conversation — despite not having any specific questions, and contrary to what I promised myself I wouldn’t do for future readings. It seemed that I may have been beckoned to do the reading, because the “vibration” of a presence was almost immediate.

The communication was brief, “urgent” and clear, but still patient and loving. (I won’t get into the details of the conversation now, because I haven’t yet fully processed all the information in my mind as yet, but I will share this.) It ended with them saying: “We have really enjoyed coming to you today. As a token, we will leave you with a surprise. You will know it’s us, when you see it.”

Of course, that day, I was looking for “signs” and there were many noteworthy signs of beauty and coincidence, and I would ask myself, “Could that be it?” to which I’d have to remind myself that they clearly said I would know it’s them when I see it.

Blimey! It took three days, but when I did see it, I did know. Here goes…


It’s the star directly atop the restaurant across the street. I have noticed this for several months now (on clear, cloudless nights). I’m not sure how long it’s been there, but it seems to change position in the night sky a little from one night to another. At first, I thought it could be Venus, but it always seemed a bit too bright — I had never seen Venus so bright before. (But I’m also not really a star-gazer in that sense, so I wasn’t even sure if I was misnaming that star.) Another time when I saw it a bit more than a month ago, it seemed almost like two lights so close to each other they could be one.

Well, about a week ago, I asked a connection who’s connected (or simply bright) what she thought. She managed to line up what I was seeing with Google Sky and see that it was Venus, lined up right in front of Alcyone (of the Pleiadian star system!). And to echo her words: “How cool is that?” indeed!!

I shot the picture just last night from my little balcony in Switzerland, and it is completely untouched.

Like I said, when I saw it, I just knew this was the “surprise” referred to three days ago in my reading. Noting that we are on the cusp of the astrological sign Taurus, it seems fitting to give Venus her props along with her lover, Mars. It also feels right to remember the call for recognizing small things of beauty this month for great rewards.

Have you seen the super bright Venus star I’m referring to in this picture? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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